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Callie French

Tarot 101 - 4 Part Course with Callie French

Tarot 101 - 4 Part Course with Callie French

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Tarot 101: A 4 part class for beginner/intermediate tarot readers!

Tarot is now front and center in mainstream society. More and more people want to know their life's purpose from an esoteric perspective and Tarot can zero in on that. Carl Jung believed that Tarot provides us with archetypical images that allow access to our sub-conscious, bringing fulfillment into our lives through understanding the messages. Study the origins of Tarot, how Numerology and Astrology are linked to Tarot and behind it all, how the mystery teachings of the Kabbalah may be the foundation for Tarot. Focus on simple ways to learn the cards, how to read them the first time you use them, the correct way to phrase a question and most importantly - class time dedicated to reading the cards! All that is required is that you know your birth date, hopefully your rising sign (information for finding it will be provided if you don’t).

$100 includes all 4 classes of this beginner/intermediate course, which will take place on March 16, March 23, March 30, and April 6th. Sign up before March 16th to claim your spot!

As a result of taking this course, students will:

*Calculate what their purpose in life is through Numerology, then see what that looks like through the images in Tarot.

*Understand the deep link between the mystical Kabbalah and Tarot.

*Confidently use Tarot as a tool to access their sub-conscious, unlock their potential and fulfill their desires.


Instructor:  Callie L. French

Phone:  949-600-3628


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