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Capricorn Zodiac Tea

Capricorn Zodiac Tea

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White tea mixed with holy basil and hints of coconut is the practical choice for giving Capricorn a serious dose of focus and flavor, while still sticking to tradition with the addition of classic oolong leaves. Capricorns work hard and need a smooth yet strong tea to help them stay disciplined and engaged in their work. Vanilla, cinnamon, and rose petals are a classic combination of flavors that Capricorns can depend on.

Ingredients: organic rama holy basil*, organic white coconut tea (organic white tea, organic coconut, organic safflower, organic cornflower, natural and artificial flavors contains tree nuts (coconut)), organic mandarin silk oolong (oolong tea, organic marigolds, organic lemon myrtle, natural flavors), organic rose petals, organic cinnamon, organic chamomile, vanilla powder

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