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Aquarius Zodiac Tea

Aquarius Zodiac Tea

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Black tea infused with classic vanilla and fruity lychee will fuel Aquarius' inventive thinking and lively conversations. Aquarians are visionaries and offbeat intellectuals who love to exchange ideas with friends, preferably over a strong cup of tea. Aromatic additions of cinnamon, clove, and star anise stimulate the senses, while cacao nibs and blue butterfly pea satisfy Aquarius' thirst for the unexpected. Unique Aquarius' thrive on bringing communities together, while remaining cool and aloof, so this blend can be enjoyed alone or shared with a friend.

Ingredients: organic cacao nibs, organic butterfly pea flower, organic star anise, organic rose petals, organic ceylon black tea, organic cinnamon chips, organic cornflowers, organic rosehips, organic cloves, organic blue lotus flowers, vanilla powder, cocoa powder, natural lychee essence, mica powder

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