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Dreamfruit New Moon Circle (7/2)

Dreamfruit New Moon Circle (7/2)

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Dreamfruit: The Story & Moons of 2024

There has never been a more beautiful moment to change how we think about ourselves and the world. Join us for work with Radical Belonging and the Dreamfruit Almanac, a guided path toward reconnection with the consciousness in nature.

*How can re-aligning ourselves with Lunar Time bring greater ease and well-being?

*What does the Generative Imagination have to do with building a better future?

*When did you stop thinking about the world as alive, and how can Animism re-enchant your life?

The Dreamfruit almanac is a moon-based journal and planner with a special collection of monthly musings for 2024, designed to inspire us toward a regenerative future. With each month of the year ahead, you're invited into a collective dreamscape that lights the inner & outer path toward greater alignment with lunar energies. Learn about the world of Dreamfruit and how this unique tool can re-awaken your vital connection with all life.

Bring your Dreamfruit journal. Come ready to write, imagine, and to enter a better dream for yourself and the world. 🌈🍄🌱👀

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