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Comforting Heartsong Circle (11/7)

Comforting Heartsong Circle (11/7)

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Comforting Heartsong Circle

Tuesaday 11/7


Tea menu available

$20, all offerings appreciated

Soft instruments or drums welcomed

Join community to spend time singing the beautiful ideas you want to be thinking and believing

During a Heartsong Circle

Everyone gets to connect with our innate, joyful human ability to sing from our hearts!

  1. First the leader guides relaxed, playful warmups for breath, voice, and body, and we build familiarity with our group.
  2. Then they teach sweet, heartwarming songs in the oral tradition, call and response, so everyone sings together. 
  3. Sometimes the songs have harmonies or multiple layered parts, and you will sing with a section of people. Any experience level is welcome.
  4. Soft drumming or strumming is ok to support the voices with your instrument
  5. Between songs we invite reflective moments to soak in the wisdom and healing of the messages and sound vibrations.
  6. Sometimes the songs are silly, and we laugh and let our inner children play!
  7. Participants are welcome to share a song for everyone, if they feel called
  8. To close, we melt into humming (and maybe soft drumming) to seal in the benefits.

Comforting Themes we will Sing and Share about

  • Home, love, belonging
  • Soul family and community
  • Warmth, coziness, nourishment
  • Harmony and balance with our Earth
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