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Bring Your Vision To Life Workshop (10/21)

Bring Your Vision To Life Workshop (10/21)

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How It Works

This workshop offers an empowering and imaginative goal setting session where you will learn the fundamentals of bringing a vision to reality.

Facilitated by NLP Master practitioner therapist and human design instructor - Anna Brem Brigar.

The first part of the workshop will start with guided meditation followed by reflection, and journaling, designed to open up the mind. During meditation, Anna will ask the group questions to prompt reflection on their inner dreams. For example: "Imagine you are floating through time to exactly 1 year from today. How do you see yourself? What is different or the same?"

The second half is dedicated to creating. In this part you will transfer your goals into a graphic representation (vision board) which you will carry home as a beautiful reminder to what your future will be like.


What should I expect?

An exciting, enriching, interactive life changing experience, which will be a starting point for the future you will choose to create while having a fabulous time!

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a combination of images and text that represent your vision for the future.

Vision boards can help you visualize and bring you closer to achieving your innermost desires and goals.

How much time will be spent on each activity?

These times are only meant to be a guideline & to help you get a better idea of the workshop flow:

Guided meditation :10–15 min

Creating/Crafting & Journaling :30-50 min

Reflecting & Sharing :15 min

Closing guided meditation:10 min

How many people can participate in this workshop?

This workshop is designed for up to 20 participants in person, for optimal results.

Who is this workshop for?

For everyone who have goals/dreams that they are struggling to define or haven't achieved yet and looking for ways to reach clarity and fulfilment.

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